Andrew Luck is….[Insert Superlative Here]

There are not enough words to describe the brilliance that is Andrew Luck.  So I’ll let you decide for yourself what they are.  In light of his walk-off TD pass to Donnie Avery today against the Lions, Luck is now 8-4, the first quarterback taken #1 overall in the modern era to lead his team to at least 8 wins (he’s also led 5, yes FIVE, 4th quarter comebacks.)

His team is also in the driver’s seat for a wild-card bid, almost exclusively due to his unbelievably excellent play and if they get there, is there a better candidate for MVP this season? (Besides RG III that is). I’m sure that Andrew Luck jersey’s will be a VERY popular gift this Christmas.  And I know at least one person who will be getting one!  Merry Christmas Michael Yim!

*Update: In somewhat unprecedented fashion, this year’s rookie class features not 1, not 2, but probably now THREE legitimate ROY candidates at QB (Luck, Griffin and Russell Wilson).  Add to that Doug Martin, and is this one of the best classes…ever?  No no no I’m getting ahead of myself.  Still.  High fives all around (for most teams).



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