All-Girl Demi Lovato Tour

Simon Cowell was very clear about his goal for 5th Harmony.  Capture a market that he felt had a massive void: All-girl pop group.  And, though it’s certainly early, it appears that they are well on their way.  Further proof of this happened today when Demi Lovato announced her Neon Lights tour.  Joining her?  Not one, not two, but THREE separate female pop groups/stars: Little Mix, 5th Harmony and Cher Lloyd.

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Shayanna Jenkins Gets Indicted

I mean, I know they say the couple that plays together, stays together but this is getting a little out of hand.  Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, was indicted today along with three others by a grand jury on a single count of perjury, stemming from her unwillingness to assist the authorities in their investigation of Hernandez and the killing of Odin Lloyd.

Theirs is, in the absence of the murder charge, a kinda sweet story.  They met in high school, and continued to date while Aaron was at Florida and throughout his time in the NFL.  They became engaged in 2012 after she became pregnant with, and eventually had, Aaron’s daughter, Avielle Janelle.

I’m not sure what else to say here.  Perjury isn’t a really serious crime, and unless she has a bunch of priors, she’ll likely not see any jail time (unless shes required to testify against her husband by the feds).  I hope that for Avielle’s sake, this is not what happens.

Isaac Tauaefa and the X-Factor

It’s not everyday that I find something that ties together pop culture, music, football AND Hawaii.  But today is one of those days!  Enter Isaac Tauaefa, a contestant (and top 10 guy) on this year’s X-Factor.  His audition tape was fairly short:

Hard to tell from the video, but he’s quite a good singer (and also that he had dreads in college.)   As soon as he said “I played college football” my ears perked up.  A FOOTBALL PLAYER ON X-FACTOR!!!

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Marriage Proposal on Tonight’s X-Factor

Oh.  Uhh…SPOILER ALERT???  Anyway, on tonight’s X-Factor (if anyone besides me is actually still watching the show), we met two contestants: David Grey and Lauren Waguespack, a boyfriend and girlfriend pair who were really nothing special.  At least as far as their voices goes.  If you watch the video you’ll get the backstory.  David does anything for her, supports her, Kelly Rowland looks on with jealousy, blah blah.  And then…this happens:

In truth, I’m torn between “this was great and super creative!!” and “wow that was actually kinda tacky and not really all that romantic.”   I don’t think she was going to say no and they are clearly head over heels in love, but doesn’t proposing on a reality show (noting especially the colossal failure after colossal failure on both versions of the bachelor) just seem like a bad omen?  I guess we’ll see.  This may not be the last that we see from these two.  This all reeks of opportunism.